Danny Denenberg
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Here I am with my co-counselors.

I just finished working for Sanborn as a camp counselor in Colorado. I led 13-year-olds up 14,000 foot mountains, took them on 4-day camping trips, mitigated interpersonal disputes, held nightly meetings for two months, and cleaned more dishes and toilets than I care to discuss.

Currently I am on a gap year before attending Harvard where I will most likely study Computer Science. Secondaries I am considering are Jewish studies, government, and music–we will see what I choose!

I love love love music and piano and singing and I’ll talk your ear off about Joplin rags and Bach piano concertos if you let me. And if you can’t tell by the photo, I’m also a Bikram yogi. There’s nothing else like it!

If you like my website, you can follow me on instagram @dannydenenberg.